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                                                   10 May 1993


The ranch [about 1540 acres east of Chama in the Tierra Amarilla land grant] was purchased in 1967 from Rosinda Rivera Valdez by a small group of individuals [Ernest Bryant, Wallace Leland, Charles Orth, Jere Knight – the initials used for the name ‘BLOK’ – and Kirk Smith] who shared a common desire to obtain a large piece of primitive mountain land.  The agricultural aspects would provide funds to operate and improve the ranch; and the fish, wildlife and alpine setting would provide recreational opportunities.  The intent was to maintain the original wilderness character of the land as much as possible. 


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The group formed the BLOK Corporation as a mechanism to finance and manage the property. At the time of incorporation it was agreed that the corporate stock would be held in no more than ten equal-size blocks or units and that stock ownership would be limited to a natural person or to a husband and wife as opposed to ownership by two or more persons (not husband and wife), partnerships, businesses or other corporations.  In opening the corporation to other stockholders, the incorporators sought investors who shared their philosophy and vision for the operation and future of the ranch.  To help preserve this intent the By-Laws were written so that the corporation and its members would have first and second rights of refusal should a stockholder decide to sell his/her/their block of shares. 


Rather than break up the land into ten parcels, it was decided to keep the ranch undivided and issue 25-year leases to the stockholders. A lease would be offered to each holder of ten percent of the shares.  A map was constructed with 25 lease sites, of which ten have been selected.  [2 are undeveloped, and 1 has only 2 small trailers on it.]  The sites (15 to 20 acres) were carefully laid out so that most of the grazing and timber-covered land and the major streams would be held collectively for all to use, and so that disturbance of wildlife by human presence would be minimized.  The current [25-year] leases are due to expire on [November 30, 2018].   


Other Current Policies, Rules and Guidelines   


Access to the ranch for recreational purposes is limited to the lessees (tenants) and their children.  An individual leaseholder may designate a person of his or her choice, in lieu of children, for this type of access.  Guests are permitted, within reason, but they must be accompanied by at least one of the approved individuals; realtors or prospective buyers involved in a potential sale or transfer of a stockholding unit are considered as guests of the lease holder or his/her designate. 


Those holding limited access rights include:  1) The assigns of Rosinda Valdez, in accordance with the deed of property to BLOK Corporation*;  2) State and local authorities in the lawful performance of their official duties (e.g., firefighters, game wardens, tax assessors); and 3) The grazing lessee and employees.   


Hunting is limited to those who have granted access to the ranch for recreational purposes. Guest hunters are limited to one (1) per lease per year.  This policy is subject to review if hunting appears to have an adverse effect on wildlife populations.  Fishing is open to those with recreational access and their guests.  Maximum limits are the same as those listed in the New Mexico trout fishing laws for the area.  However, to preserve the limited fishery, a more conservative catch based on consideration of current trout populations is suggested.  Valid hunting and fishing licenses (and elk permits) are required to comply with state game and fish laws. 


The leaseholder may, in accordance with guidelines enumerated in the lease agreement, make improvements on the leased lot.  The corporation retains an interest in the general appearance and maintenance of each lot and may request corrective actions when appropriate. 


The Board of Directors believes it is important to maintain the wilderness character of the ranch, to provide and maintain the roads, to limit erosion and overgrazing, to improve the fishing and hunting, to maintain cordial relations with neighboring ranchers, and to maintain adequate fencing and posting to control livestock and minimize trespass.  Lessees are encouraged to contribute to these goals and to initiate and/or participate in related improvement projects.  Such individual participation will help the corporation achieve its goals with minimum extra cost to the stockholders. 


The only access to the ranch by legal rights is from the north, by easements across the [Art and Henry] Rivera, Valdez (originally [Leo] Chavez), and [‘Sandy’] Muñiz properties.   


The Board of Directors believes it is important to keep the number and scope of rules and guidelines to a minimum consistent with corporate goals and experience.  All rules are subject to revision, and the Board will give special consideration to any case of hardship created by a rule or guideline and will also consider new rules at the request of a stockholder. 

*Statement from the Warranty Deed from Rosinda Rivera Valdez: 


RESERVING, however, onto the Grantor, her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, an easement of ingress and egress for right of way purposes upon present roadways on the above property being used by Grantor and her family.  [Very seldom, if ever used, especially recently.] 


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